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PCX is excited to announce the relaunch of our website this month that will reflect our company's focus on pioneering esports education! We expose, engage, and prepare middle school and high school-aged youth to eSports career pathways. We accomplish in three ways: Educating parents/ guardians, educating youth, and educating society.


▪ Bringing awareness to parents of the viable and lucrative career opportunities for their youth in the esports and gaming industries

▪ Explaining what career pathways their youth can take given their interests, experiences, and expertise

▪ Uncovering how the skills and capabilities their youth learn through eSports can translate into other STEAM+C focused career pathways

▪ Exposing their youth to the digital entertainment industry more broadly


▪ Exposing youth to the career pathways in eSports

▪ Preparing youth to successfully navigate the eSports career pathway(s) that most align with their interests

▪ Connecting youth to collegiate, internship, and career experiences and opportunities

▪ Providing youth access to scholarships to further their preparation for the eSports and video gaming workforce


▪ Positioning eSports by educating the media to share the message of the power and reach of eSports

▪ Building awareness of the eSports industry through media


▪ We will determine how your unique brand can fit within the educational aspect of eSports.

▪ Why recreate the wheel? We will analyze your specific company's needs and execute/roll out your company's unique eSports education plan.

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