Our goal is to expose youth to new and exciting learning and career opportunities that focus on and leverage technology while providing access to viable and lucrative careers in a number of different areas in eSports (e.g., playing, casting, journalism, game development, marketing, etc.).

LVL-U is designed to engage and support youth by helping them build the skills they need to explore careers in the eSports ecosystem.


LVL-U provides integrated pathways through different areas of and careers in eSports. LVL-U not only includes engaging, integrated project-based courses that promote skills and capacity building, but LVL-U also connects budding eSports professionals to the industry through mentoring and feedback by eSports professionals and immersive eSports experiences.

Currently, LVL-U has the following tracks as a part of the academy:

  • How to Form & Grow an eSports Team
  • Game Design
  • Comic Book Creation
  • Shout Casting
  • eSports Journalism
  • Tournament Organizing
  • Broadcasting