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Let's Celebrate Andrea "Boredy McBored" Richmond


Big shout out to PCX's own Andrea "Bordey McBored" Richmond (aka "Bordey" for short) who is casting for Season 4 of Cxmmunity Media's HBCU eSports League!

Andrea came to us as a high school senior in Atlanta, GA, who wanted to be a game developer and a shoutcaster. Like many Black and Brown youth we serve, she didn't know how to get started. Andrea developed her skills through our game design, shoutcasting/streaming, and comic book creation pathways, leveraging our online skills-building platform.

Andrea not only shoutcasted for our Youth eSports League to build her shoutcasting skills and portfolio, but she also facilitated game design camps in the summer through our summer camp, mentored high school girls in game design during the academic year through our program, and earned money doing all of these things to support herself as she matriculated through college. In fact, she was able to buy her first rig for shoutcasting/streaming with some of those funds.

Once Andrea moved into the Apprenticeship Program, we paired her with opportunities to shoutcast and stream for other companies and organizations. Based on her stellar skills, which she developed and honed in our program, Andrea is now getting requests from companies to stream and shoutcast (see image above). She's also getting requests from brands to promote their products and services during her streams.

Andrea has achieved her dream of becoming a professional shoutcaster, and our program provided the platform, safe space, and launching pad for her to do so.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can help young people like Andrea achieve their dreams of careers in the eSports and video gaming industries, please visit https://pcxnow.com/about-pcx/pcx-go to see how you can help.

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