VS Realm

"VS Realm is dedicated towards building eSports leagues, hosting tournaments, and supporting the gamer community through console and PC rentals and retail.

Console Gaming

Need to train to elevate your gameplay from Casual to Pro? Come train with us and become unstoppable!

PC Gaming

Great Gaming PCs available to battle with a friend online or one sitting next to you! (BYO Headphones)

Trading Card Gaming

Bring your best deck to VS Realm in Decatur and face off against others representing yourself and your team at VS!"

You can follow them on Twitter + Facebook or check out their website here!

Gamer Xperience

"Gamers Xperience is console gaming arcade. We provide gamers of all ages and skill levels a place to not only try out and play the newest games and hardware available, but also a place to meet and play with other gamers from around the local area.


RELAX: Come down and relax in the comfort and the company of family, friends, and/or fellow gamers. When you come to Gamers Xperience you can just relax, because everyone is here to have fun.

PLAY: Play anything game you want, play any system you want. Play something you never played before or wouldn't dare buy. Play online, play offline.Play the newest game, Play an old game. Play together, Play alone. Just Play and you'll feel right at home.

COMPETE: Compete against other gamers from around the local area in the newest and best games available. You can compete in friendly head 2 head competition or you enter in any of our many tournaments we host for a bragging rights and prizes."

You can follow them on Twitter + Facebook or check out their website here!