The Atlanta Sports Council (ASC) announced that it has formed the Atlanta Esports Alliance (AEA), a collective of local companies and industry professionals that will work together to try and bring more esports events and opportunities to the city.

The ASC is a division of the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC), and the Atlanta Esports Alliance will be a collaboration between those groups alongside the Georgia Game Developers Association, esports production company Skillshot Media (which was spun off from Hi-Rez Studios), economic officials, and various local industry leaders.

"Atlanta is a top esports city because we have the venues and infrastructure required to host major events, plus all the elements unique to the esports ecosystem: local game publishers, tournament organizers, over a dozen salaried professional esports teams and, most importantly, a community that games," said Todd Harris, founder and CEO of Skillshot Media and chair of the Atlanta Esports Alliance, in a release. "Additionally, our K-12 and higher education systems have recognized and sanctioned esports as a varsity activity, and the Atlanta business community also understands the value of esports and its audience."

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