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About Us

Pharaoh’s Conclave (PCX) Prepares Youth for eSports Careers

Connecting the eSports Community

We work with a diverse group of community organizations, including:

  • Schools and school systems
  • Park and recreation centers
  • Churches and other civic organizations
  • YMCAs, YWCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc.
  • Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), which is a national organization with over 700,000 members headquartered in Florida

We Educate Youth Through eSports

We help engage and prepare youth for careers and opportunities related to eSports by:

  • Exposing youth to the career pathways in eSports
  • Preparing youth to successfully navigate the eSports career pathway(s)
    that most align with their interests
  • Connecting youth to collegiate, internship, and career experiences
    and opportunities
  • Providing youth access to scholarships to further their preparation for
    the eSports and video gaming workforce
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Unique opportunities for Brands

We're using the power and reach of eSports to open new opportunities for partners, sponsors, and brands.

Learn how your organization can benefit from being on the cutting edge of eSports. We invite your continued support of PCX and our non-profit arm, PCX GO!, as we pioneer eSports education. We have a menu of opportunities to partner with us around our YeL and Level Up Academy initiatives, allowing you to create a customized partnership package with benefits that directly meet your organization's goals.

  • We will determine how your unique brand can fit within the educational aspect of eSports.
  • Why recreate the wheel? We will analyze your specific company’s needs and execute/roll out your company’s unique eSports education plan
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